Dogs are exceptional when it comes to consuming two kinds of foods: dog food and table scraps; Great Danes are no exception. If you’re planning to adopt a Great Dane or you have one at your house, here’s a guide to understanding what they can and what they cannot eat.

Can I give them apples?

Apple wedges suppressed in peanut butter are one of my own preferred snacks! I’m not certain if it’s the aroma of the apple or peanut butter, but my dogs really try to find their way around me whenever they smell this heavenly food. 😉

But wait, the question is, can they have it too? Or is it too risky? Fortunately for Gus, the answer is yes! Nevertheless, it’s best to get rid of the core and seeds prior to giving an apple to your Great Dane.

Apple seeds have a huge amount of a plant compound known as amygdalin. While amygdalin is safe on its own, after being absorbed by stomach enzymes it’s actually split down into hydrogen cyanide!

Can I give them carrots?

If there’s one Great Dane joke that irritates me most of all it’s those associated to resembling them to a horse! Coincidentally, they are famous carrot lovers – so I suppose the connection isn’t totally out of line.

This type of food can make for great low-calorie food for your canine. Similar to any product that you can have from the farm or store, you have to thoroughly wash it so as to eradicate any residual or chemical product used on it.

You can decide to give them the carrots fresh or cooked. For cooked carrots, you may opt to steam them to moisten them up. This can be a great choice for younger dogs who are teething, or older ones undergoing some oral distress.

Can I give them strawberries?

One of the most popular fruits for great danes is strawberries! Their juicy red outside is entirely possible the most visually attractive of all fruits.

Like other fruits on this list, strawberries are yet another healthy and safe food that your Great Dane may eat. Make sure to thoroughly clean the strawberries before allowing your dog to eat it so as to eradicate residues.

These foods are also proven to be effective in alleviating anxiety aside from giving them dog beds for great dane. Even so, it is important to monitor them for possible allergy reactions.