When pairing food and cigar, you can never go wrong with the Top 10 Cigars Under $10. However, there are several types of food as well as alcoholic beverages that agree with certain cigars. When selecting a cigar to match your meal, you may want to make sure that flavors from the cigar and the food complement and balance each other to enrich and heighten their taste rather than having one overpowering the other. Let’s have a look at some:

steak and cigarCigar and Steak

A mouthwatering steak grilled to perfection would be go best with a cigar that could balance that meaty taste. If your perfect steak grilled along with mushroom and onions, you’ll be needing a cigar with a much richer and bolder taste to complement your meal.

Cigars and Pasta

Most sauces on pasta dishes are made with red tomato. Meats are usually seasoned with oregano and basil, as well as with other spices and herbs. Because of these ingredients, most sauces are sweet. A cigar that is full-bodied could immediately subdue the flavor and taste of pasta dishes, making you lose the overall taste of the dish. Select a medium cigar as it has some kind of a sweet taste to it complementing your mean rather than overpowering it.

cigar and seafoodCigars and Seafood

Seafoods most likely have a light taste regardless of how flavorful it is. Lobsters, mussels or salmons go well with cigars with a lighter taste. Full flavored cigars could immediately conceal the taste of seafood.  Opt for the a medium-bodied cigar for the fragrance to stand out and unify with your seafood meal.

Cigars and Barbecues

Barbecues frequently have a tangy, sweet and spicy sauce, whether it is grilled or baked. Your type of cigar has to keep up with this mixture of flavors.  Full-bodied cigars are your best options since its complexity could easily complement the smoky barbeque flavor.

dessert and cigarCigars and Dessert

Yes, cigars can go with desserts too. Cigars with a lighter taste complements fruit-based dessert whereas chocolate-based desserts match with cigars with a bolder taste.

Regardless of the kind of food you enjoy and the type of cigar you love to smoke, it is up to you to try out different types of food with different types of cigar for you to discover that perfect pair.