Are you religiously using your smartphone – like you’re using it literally everywhere you go and whatever you do? If yes, then it is most likely that you’ve been using it as well when working your way around the kitchen. From protecting your gadgets to preventing spills all the way to finding the right application to help you cook the perfect meal.

Indeed, the proliferation of smartphone apps has made our lives easier. Now, we can do our workout following the programs listed on the app, check our sleep patterns directly from an app, monitor your heart’s BPM from the app.

Virtually everything can be done using smartphone apps.

The same is true when it comes to cooking.

There are literally tons of applications both in Apple App Store and Google Play Store that you can download for free which can significantly improve your cooking skills. If you want to learn further about what features an app needs to have, regardless of the purpose, check out for additional info.

On the flip side, there are also accessories that can be used alongside with these apps and your actual device to make the most of your cooking experience. Let us dig deeper on this one.

Stylus for Fingerprint-free Screen

A simple and effective way as well to prevent seeing fingerprints all over your device is by using a stylus rather than your actual “finger”. With a damp cloth and using it to wipe clean your screen, it could potentially cause further damage and void the device’s warranty. This is not a problem when you’re using stylus.

The best part, stylus is available in almost any imaginable color you could think of. Thus, you can pick one that matches your phone or its case or even the kitchen’s color scheme.

Spills? Get a Case!

Your smartphone or tablet can easily get dirty if you are putting it down on the countertop while checking the recipes of the meal you’re preparing to cook. Regardless if it is a blob of jam or split soup, cleaning food on your device can certainly be frustrating. Or if you’re quite lucky, it can damage the actual device. Being able to find the right protective case for your device will prevent all these things from happening.