Anyone who sees salmon leaping up the river past the bears in Alaska and has also seen the fact-based film comedy “Salmon Fishing in Yemen” knows that salmon do strange things. Not only in cold Alaska but also in the blazing heat of the desert. So it has probably been equally surprising for aroma research to recognize that salmon can also behave unusually in the kitchen. These favorite fish of the Germans are simply good for surprising moments of pleasure. Here is an example of finger food with coffee roasted aromas.

Food Pairing With Salmon

Anyone who has (accidentally) drunk a lightly sweetened low-acid espresso with their salmon bun instead of a beer or white wine should have been surprised by this combination. Both harmonize with each other as well as the alcoholic beverages mentioned. Aroma research recognizes this very pragmatically from the analysis curves and peaks of these two complex substance mixtures (the pragmatic laboratory language for both ingredients) using gas chromatography: the characteristic aroma molecules of salmon and espresso are related in taste. The peaks of both analyzes are in the same area of ​​the diagram.

This starter is surprisingly aromatic “in one line”: Alaskan wild salmon fuses seamlessly with the aroma world of the Orient. The order of consumption: 1. Salmon cones, 2. Dip the jalapeno hummus with the crostini and the sweet potato chips. The taste and fragrance of the coffee oil, tahini paste (sesame), chickpeas give the salmon an apparently exotic note at first, which is, of course, perceived naturally afterward. In the classic hummus recipe, garlic was deleted without replacement, in this case, it negatively influences the perception of the fine coffee aromas in this context.

Feast in salmon with espresso. The easiest way to prepare espresso is through a reliable coffee machine that you can find from leascoffee reviews. Espresso is not just great for drinking but for food pairing too.

Final Thoughts

Fusion cuisine and food pairing experience very simple and uncomplicated: roasted aromas of coffee, buckwheat, sweet potato chips in combination with hummus and salmon. Try other crazy recipes from all over the net and have fun!