Successful esports gamers give advice to video game players to be of sound physical and mental health when aspiring to join the world of esports competitions. One of the prominent proponents of this advice is Jake Middleton, the Esports Performance Coach and Consultant at Adamas Esports

As a professional esports trainer and adviser, Jake underscores the importance of balanced diets as tools for increasing energy levels, and in sharpening mental abilities when learning and concentrating on gaming moves. His advice is based on his own experience as a serious video gamer who in 2006, was able to advance his gaming career by playing competitively in Halo tournaments.

Why Jake Middleton is Regarded as an Icon in the Esports Gaming World

Despite his passion and dedication to competitive gaming, Jake graduated in college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. The course had inspired him to conduct research about the importance of health and wellness in the gaming world as a whole; perceiving that such aspects were not supported with proper information and training in the esports space.

In fact, his thesis delved on how exercise affects one’s gaming performance, giving it the title “The Effects of Exercise Programming on Competitive Video Game Performance.” After graduating from college, Jake made it his mission to eliminate the negative stereotyping commonly associated with video game players, by setting up an esports training lab catering to avid video game players and teams in Kansas City, his hometown. In 2015, Jake Middleton became one of the pioneers that introduced esports training as a profession.

In rebranding himself as an esports trainer, the former professional Halo gamer provided training that incorporated not only esports skills improvement but also research, education and fitness exercises. Jake’s ultimate goal is to give support to the esports gaming industry by instilling health and wellness among video game players. That way, improvements geared toward the fulfillment of ambitions to become part of the esports gaming community, will include attaining soundness of body and mind.

Helping Novices and Less-Skilled Players Sustain Their Passion for Video Gaming

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