Whenever you hear the phrase “fine dining” what is it that come your mind? Probably, you’d think of expensive foods, small portions being served and that it is a market only for the upper class of the society. The fact is, the moment that you tried out dining in these types of restaurants, you’ll soon realize that everyone is set for fine dining.

Fine dining is an experience. It is perfect for everyone who wants to escape from stress, be served with hot plates and real meals and be serviced with high level of courtesy. Now in order to fully indulge in this experience, there are things that you should and should not do. Say that this is your first time dining in such, then make sure that you’ve familiarized yourself first on the basic etiquette when eating in such restaurant.

It is Basic and that should be Common Sense

If you can wear flip flops and rugged jeans in your casual restaurant, then you may want to ditch it out when eating in a fancy restaurant. There is no room for such manners in white tablecloth restaurants. Instead, the more appropriate attire you should be wearing is a jacket or better yet, a suit. As for women, slacks, a suit and dresses would work just fine.

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It is an eyesore to see people using their smartphones while eating. First and foremost, this is a really rude behavior. As mentioned earlier, fine dining is all about experience. And how would you immerse yourself if you are too busy updating your status on social media or playing games as you are waiting for your orders?

Best is, switch your phone into silent and put it somewhere else you don’t see until you are through with your dining.

Never YELL!

Yes it is true that you may be irritated or frustrated at times. But when eating in a fancy restaurant, you should never vent out all your stress in the waiter. If they failed to notice you at first, simply raise your hand and your index finger out. This is the proper courtesy you can do.