The general advice for long-distance travelers is caution when eating, as over 20 – 80% of all travelers suffer from diarrhea. This can have quite uncomfortable accompanying symptoms and may lead to the termination of the vacation or business trip.

Diseases related to infections due to contaminated food and drinks

In addition to diarrhea, typhoid, poliomyelitis, hepatitis A and hepatitis E and various parasitic diseases are related to the infections that can occur during inattentiveness when eating and drinking. Contaminated food and drinks are the most common source of infection. The best protective measure is great caution when choosing and preparing food and drinks. The appearance of the food does not give any indication of its awfulness or harmlessness.

Preventive measure

The most important individual preventive measure should always be based on the assumption that unpasteurized milk and uncooked food, with the exception of vegetables and fruits, which can be peeled or unveiled, are likely to be contaminated and therefore hazardous to health. When cooking, you should make sure when traveling that they are well cooked and freshly cooked, ie boiling hot. Keeping food warm is one of the greatest risks for food infections.

Another source of infection

Ice cream is another important source of infection. If you cannot be certain about the purity of the drinking water, you should only use boiled or chlorinated and filtered water.

Hot tea and coffee are usually risk-free beverages, as is beer and wine. Special disinfection tablets for tap water or the use of additional filter systems on taps can be considered if a reliable disinfection effect has been proven.

When traveling, the following advice is generally to be observed: “Do not eat anything that you cannot cook or peel.”

There is no effective vaccine against diarrhea (by far the most common cause of health disorders when traveling), which can have a variety of reasons and is usually unspecific. To reduce the risk of infection, you should be very careful when eating food and drinking when traveling.

In the case of diarrhea, it is important to drink a lot of liquid, preferably a special salt and glucose-containing solution that is also safe for children. You may also check spa marketing for help and relaxation.