When you’re feeling under the weather people often lose their appetite. A sick person may not think of food. There are several reasons why they don’t feel like eating. It is very important to provide the body with proper nourishment especially when ill. We should always stay hydrated. Remember that good nutrition is vital in boosting the immune system. 









Expert bs suggests that these foods and drinks can help us recover fast:

1. When having a cold or flu one may experience a sore throat. Eating yogurt may help soothe the symptoms. Yogurt has a smooth and creamy texture that helps soothe the throat. The good bacteria found in yogurt contain probiotics and have immunity-boosting effects. Yogurt is also rich in protein that helps give the body strength and energy needed to recover. 
2. Fruits like citrus are known to be a rich source of Vitamin C. It’s an important antioxidant that strengthens the immune system.
3. Clear fluids and or fruit juices are important to keep the body hydrated. 
4. Herbal Tea also helps. Some tea flavors help soothe the symptoms of cold and flu. Flavors like peppermint help clear nasal congestion and help ease running nose. Tea can also reduce swelling in the nasal passage thus relieving a stuffy nose. Many find ginger tea very helpful too. This tea flavor helps ease nausea and there are claims that it helps a person heal faster. Avoid too much sugar in teas. 
5. Eat foods high in zinc. They help boost the immune system and helps one heal faster. Zinc is richly found in shellfish and poultry.

It’s important to stay well-nourished and hydrated when ill. Let’s all stay healthy!