Some beverages work effectively in terms of helping you lose weight when combined with healthy changes in your lifestyle. Beverages similar to high-protein drinks, coffee as well as green have been studied showing that it helps the system in many different things such as:

  • Boosting Metabolism
  • Promoting Fullness
  • Decreasing Hunger

All of which are known to encourage and promote proper weight loss. Aside from the abovementioned drinks, there are other beverages that you can incorporate in your diet routine and waist trainers to see faster results.

Green Tea

Oftentimes, this drink is linked to good health and for good reasons as well. Not just that this is packed with powerful nutrients and antioxidants that wards off free radicals, this at the same time is among the most effective drinks you can take for weight loss.


People across the globe are drinking coffee to keep them awake especially during wee hours when trying to meet deadlines. However, coffee is also used in lifting their mood and boosting their energy. The reason for this is that, it contains caffeine or a substance that serves as a stimulant in our body and can be beneficial if your goal is to lose weight.

In a study that is participated by 33 overweight adults, researchers found out that those who were drinking coffee that contains 6mg of caffeine per kg/body weight consumed fewer calories in comparison to people who drank no caffeine or with less caffeine.

Having said that, coffee drinkers might have easier time of maintaining their weight.


Simply increasing your water intake is the simplest and most basic way of improving your health.

It brings other benefits too especially in trimming your waistline and by making you feel fuller in between meals and increasing calories your body burns.

It is suggested by scientists that drinking water prior meals could prep you for success when cutting back on calories and losing weight. Then again, drinking cold water can boost your resting energy expenditure which is the amount of calories you are burning while your body is at rest.

Ginger Tea

This is extremely popular as a spice in adding flavor to a dish. Apart from that, this is used as herbal remedy in treating several conditions like:

  • Arthritis
  • Colds
  • Nausea

Both animal and human studies showed that this root is capable of improving your weight loss efforts.