Southeast Asia conveniently has many of the best food products we have experimented with among our journeys. So far, we have tasted the yumminess of Pad Thai, Curry, Mie Goreng, and Bahn Mi’s- we were always full in the belly! But are you aware that in Asia, many people consume lots of other strange unique foods that you never thought of eating? Our experience tells us that you can easily eat bugs and chicken feet like eating freshly baked goodies. Most of these exotic delicacies are served as a snack for many locals.

It’s totally cultural and partly physiological for those not used to these foodstuffs. But you can try and expect the unexpected. What turns out to be a huge turn off is actually among the best foods you will have ever tasted. Try something new for your food buds and you may be craving for more.

Have a Taste of Exotic Asian Food