Who does not know that? You can see spring onions in the supermarket and have ideas for great dishes in your head, but don’t know how to properly prepare this type of onion and therefore just go on. That was yesterday! Here is how to prepare spring onions in order to cook great recipes! This vegetable is very versatile and easy to prepare. You just have to make sure that the spring onions are cleaned thoroughly and off you go!

  • Remove the outer wrapping from each spring onion: Cut the leaf along the shaft and pull it off.
  • Generously cut off unsightly and dried leaf tips.
  • Remove the roots and then wash the spring onions thoroughly.
  • Depending on the recipe, cut the spring onions into fine rings – if necessary, separate them into light and dark parts.
  • Spring onions are cut lengthways in julienne, especially for wok dishes.

How To Cut Spring (Green) Onions?