In these times when social media interactions have become the norm in keeping in touch with friends and making new ones, inviting people over for dinner to personally meet them is still a good idea. Although time and money are factors to consider, meetups don’t have to take place in some fancy restaurants or be strictly confined to an appointed time.

Bring back the real fun of keeping in touch with friends by inviting old and new ones over for dinner at your place. Don’t be anxious or be cowed by negative thoughts. It is all a matter of planning and making preparations before, during and after the dinner party.

Plan ahead and keep things simple, including the food you intend to prepare. Decide on dishes that will not be too messy or greasy, to avoid hard to clean mess. Do not forget to ask if there are any food preferences or dietary restrictions, so you can include them as considerations in planning your menu.

Be sure to use eco-friendly disposable dinnerware and linens, as this is one way of keeping the after party clean-up less cumbersome.

Things You Can Plan on Doing the Day Before the Dinner Party

To make food preparation easier, decide on dishes that you can pre-cook the day before the dinner party. Next day preparations will be less time-consuming since all that is left to do is to warm up the food, and add garnishings or ingredients that take less time to cook. Just be sure to rid the kitchen of all dirty pots and pans, so you will have less kitchen cleaning chores to do for the next day.


Do a thorough house cleaning the day before. If you have an army of Roombas at your disposal, let them do the cleaning especially in the dining and living room areas. That way you can tackle the bathroom cleaning chore with thoroughness.

Set up trays and extra trash bags where your guests can dump in used disposables and empty bottles and/or cans. Place an attractive eye-catching sign above them to let guests know their respective purpose.

To prevent guests from wandering to other areas like your home office or to a room you prefer to keep private and secure, make sure their locks are working so you can keep them under lock and key during the party.

Some Tips on How to Get the Conversations Going During the Party

Make it a point to introduce people to one another in case you are inviting some new set of friends.

Start the conversation rolling by asking about subjects they recently tweeted or posted on their FB accounts; but it would be best to avoid sensitive topics like politics or gun bans. Ask about general topics like pets, latest movies, sports, hobbies, favorite bands and other such things they often “Like” or share.

Be genuinely interested in order to build a friendly atmosphere, and to make first time acquaintances feel comfortable. As much as possible, try to prevent conversations that tend to brag or boast about something, as such trends could easily put off others. Be ready with some funny stories or unique anecdotes to narrate, before a lull sets in to create an awkward moment.

Tackling the After-Party Clean Up

Actually, if all the trash-throwing directions were followed as planned during the party, and you have one or two Roomba vacuum cleaners to see to all the floor litter and spills, an after party clean-up can be a breeze. Now it would be a different story, if you’re still using the old-fashioned handheld vacuum cleaner since it requires human intervention.

Speaking of Roombas, you will find their automation features very helpful even for regular cleaning. if you don’t have at least one to use for the dinner party, borrow ahead of time. Inasmuch as borrowing can sometimes be a hassle, buying your own Roomba can do wonders not only for after entertaining clean-ups. Read buying guides furnished by blogs or review articles that “Compare Roomba Models” before deciding on one. That way, you will have the right idea about the type of robot vacuum cleaner that is best for your lifestyle and your home.