Snacking is something to enjoy between every meal. However, when you are dieting snacking should not be considered, especially in monitoring the carb content. But, it doesn’t mean that binging on some snacks should be restricted at anyway. The best thing to do is for you to keep track of your macronutrients intake which is very essential most likely in a ketogenic diet.


The most convenient way to keep track on a low carb diet is to maintain a stock of different low carb snacks.

Ketogenic diet is a dieting regimen which focus on high fat consumption and low carbohydrates intake. In snacking while on a keto, the main concern is the consumption of low carbs snacks. Keto cookbook are widely available to provide numerous keto-friendly snacks and meal recipes. All you have to do is to look for the best keto cookbook that suits your preference. There are also some keto-friendly websites that you can search online like the


For the meantime, below are some low carbs snacks that you can munch without guilt while on keto.


Easy Prep Snacks for Ketogenic Diet


Aside from being low in carbs, the food listed below are also enjoyable due to their quick prep method. You just have to enjoy every moment – from preparing to eating.



No need for further explanation. Just boil it. As simple as it is, hard boiled eggs is basically delicious.




The real perfect snack for ketogenic diet. This delightful treat is high in fats and contains no carbs. So, fry it and that’s it!




Fruits are high in natural sugar that is restricted during ketosis. But, compared to other fruits, berries have typically lower amount of naturally-occurring sugar. Let it freeze and enjoy a keto-friendly snack.




Indulge yourself with this cheesy treats. Wrap some deli cheese with salami and pepperoni. Perfectly yummy!




A veggie delightful treat that every keto dieters would surely enjoy. Simply get the seeds from the cucumbers and fill them with creamy cheese and some ground meats.



Chips is the most common and famous snacks from all over the town. And fortunately, almost every veggies can be produced into a healthy and crunchy chips. That’s one truth about organic food. Kale would be a perfect one especially during a ketogenic diet.




Another cheesy treats ideal for keto is some celeries stuff with cream cheese. Sprinkle some nuts for a crunchy texture, or some herbs for an extra flavor. Then, its ready for a bite.