Michelin Star is among the most anticipated and benchmark in the restaurant industry. It is used in establishing the quality of foods served and overall experience of diners. Food lovers are seeking out restaurants that have Michelin Star ratings. In fact, even 1-star is more than enough to make restaurants see a massive increase in their sales and popularity. The foods are worth of taking a photo, which is also one of the reasons why people bring their damaged phones to cheap phone repair stores to have it fixed and take snaps of their meals and upload it to their social media profiles.

First of all, it seems to be a strange thing among restaurants to be rated by Michelin, which is a company known for selling tires as its main business model. However, the rating system has been in existence for years and the company has been a huge success in it.

Michelin is awarding restaurants between 0 and 3 stars as per reviews. Restaurants with zero stars don’t mean that it’s a bad place, it is just that it doesn’t lived up to the exceptional standards set by Michelin. The reviews are entirely focused on the food’s quality.

Michelin restaurant guide includes spoons and forks as rating of how casual or fancy the establishment is. However, Michelin Stars are purely defined by a number of things such as:

  • Quality of food
  • Mastery of technique and;
  • Consistency of restaurant

Believe it or not, even things similar to service, décor as well as table setting are ignored primarily for the purpose of awarding a star.

The Star System

Depending on the number of stars, there will be varying requirements to get it.


This is deemed to be a good restaurant in its given category. Foods served are consistently high standards.


When a restaurant receives 2 stars, it is worth going out of the way to take a visit. Dishes here are skillfully and carefully prepared and the overall quality is just outstanding.


These restaurants are worth making a special trip. Foods are simply exceptional and expect the dishes to be distinctive and prepared only with highest quality ingredients and at absolute standards.