Having a romantic dinner with your significant other? If that’s the case, then you have to be careful with the music you’ll choose to play. It’s for the reason that music can set the ambiance of your date and it can either make or break the entire dining experience. Getting the perfect combination is essential as it sets the feel and mood for the two of you.

Music has this innate ability of altering emotions, making it the ideal wingman at any date.

Sensual or Romantic?

When you are in the process of choosing music soundtracks to be played, look for those that are subtle and yet, impactful. It must be something that will affect you as well as your partner without causing distraction on your connection between each other. When having a romantic dinner, people always thought of picking between sensual or romantic music.

Well here’s the thing, if you are dining with your lifelong partner, then it is better if you choose your playlist to be on the romantic side. Remember, your goal here is to fill the atmosphere with love and romance. Thus, it is wiser to pick songs that are intended to be played in the presence of couples.

The Genre of Music to be Played while having Dinner

Here’s something that you must be mindful about when having dinner; never ever play upbeat or sad music. First things first, it diverts both of your attention and as mentioned, music can alter one’s feeling and mood.

Preferably, go with classical music. On the other hand, do this only if you two are into it. Playing R&B playlist would be fine but don’t focus on songs with a sexual theme on it. The ideal types of music you can play are deep house mixes which do not have bass drops and at the same time, mellow indie pop music.

You’ll never go Wrong

If you want to be certain with your music selection on your romantic dinner, then you will never go wrong with bossa nova. The combination of food and bossa nova is always a winner. But if you are not a fan, you may throw in a bit of jazz in your playlist.