If someone asks you if you want to have a ferret as your pet, I bet you will be surprised, because first of all you have no idea what a ferret is. Yes, it is a sad reality. Very few people only know what a ferret is. A ferret is a mammal that has similarities with weasel and mustela. But unlike dogs, ferret are not for a lot people, however they will make a very great pet with the perfect owner. Ferrets are very clingy and affectionate once you establish that you are his owner and that you properly take care of him. And like other pets, they also need proper foods and a home. In addition, a cage is also very important. So if you already have a ferret or planning to buy, then you should have one. Unfortunately, for most people who know what a ferret is, they do not really see ferrets as a nice pet. But if you are considering buying one, do not let other’s judgement affect your decision. To entice you more in to buying one, here are reasons why ferrets make a good pet.

Ferrets are Simply Cute

With their small size and irresistible eyes, they are no doubt adorable. Also, they have long life so the family members will now worry losing a pet very soon. The average life span of ferrets is 6-8 years, but there are ferrets that are able to live for at most 13 years. Female ferrets are usually 13 inches long while male ferrets are 15 inches long.

Ferrets love to play

To most ferret, they live to play. They will never get tired of entertaining you and playing with their ferret toys. By just watching it play, you will reward yourself after a long tiring day at work or at school. They are proven to cheer you up and lighten up your mood in their simple ways.

Ferrets are Smart

Owners who are new to having ferrets are surprised by how intelligent they are. They like solving puzzles, hence they will do anything just to find a solution.