Every Major League Baseball season, about 73 million of Americans go to a major league game. For majority of Americans, without a doubt, the season wouldn’t be complete without watching at least one game in the baseball stadium stands with baseball gears such as those seen on https://www.baseballbible.net/best-youth-baseball-bats/, foam finger and classic ballpark food and drink.

However, with these big-league games also comes big-league expenses, particularly where food as well as drinks are involved.

The regular ticket price in the MLB has constantly increased through the years. In 2006, viewers shelled out an average of $22.21 to watch a major league game. Today, the average major league baseball game ticket stands at $32.99.

That major league ticket price plus nine innings worth of munchies could increase your game expense over the boundary. Furthermore, in recent years, teams of the MLB have presented a multitude of mouth-watering menu items with over-the-top prices.

Although an average baseball stadium hotdog and nachos costs about $4, soda at $2 and beer at around $5, one serving of these munchies won’t last you the whole nine innings. Therefore, you would end up purchasing food and drinks that’s good for the entire duration of the game and enough for everyone.  

Saving Money on Food and Drink

Luckily for clever and frugal baseball fans, there are ways to have enough snacks for the duration of the game which requires less effort and will at the same time save money. Here are a few ideas:


Purchase All-You-Can-Eat Seats

Any sporting game seem incomplete without something to snack on. Whether it’s nachos, hot dogs, peanuts, or pretzels, consider investing a few more extra cash for “all-you-can-eat” seats at the stadium. It was initially introduced in 2007 by six teams. Today, the seats are offered at many other major league stadiums throughout the country. Usually, all-you-can-eat stadium seats have a markup of $15 up to $20. However, the investment will certainly save you money if you’re crazy about food concessions.


Make Home-made Munchies or a Restaurant Takeout

Not many may know it but most major league teams allow spectators to bring into the stadium just about any kind of food, whether it’s homemade or from a restaurant takeout. Policies regarding the bringing of food differ from one stadium to another, however majority of stadiums permit food carried in a cooler or soft bag as well as water placed in clear and sealed bottles. Security won’t permit anything hard though, such as glass bottles, aluminum cans, or containers with firm sides since these might used by trouble-making game-goers.


Consider Purchasing Season Tickets

For baseball enthusiasts who are also have foodies, you might want to consider investing on season tickets since considerable food discounts are offered by majority of major league teams for holders of season-tickets.