Meetings today are done virtually. So say that you are currently on a conference call and for some reasons, wandered into your kitchen. The next thing that you know is you are eating dry cereal and crackers out of the box or perhaps, you’ve caught up in something that you eventually realize that you have not eaten anything in the day.

This is a bad habit to practice. It’s true particularly when you are working out with some pieces of equipment that you bought from Your body is going to need nutrition and it would not get any if you are not going to care for it.

Being able to constantly monitor your nutrition might be a challenge when you’re working from home. You have all the habits, there are lots of foods available and you feel comfortable too! Unlike in the office, you are free to eat all day long and the fridge is just few steps away. However, succumbing to this habit may harm your waistline, halt your productivity and sabotage your weight loss.

So to ensure that you will stay on top of your game always, here are few things that you must remember.

Don’t Work in or Near Your Kitchen

As much as possible, try setting up your desk in a place that is nowhere near the kitchen area. This may tempt you in wandering over and checking the fridge every now and then. Decide for yourself that the only time you will be in the kitchen during workday is when you need to get the planned meal or snack you have.

In the event that you find this difficult to follow, hang a sign on the fridge as well as pantry to keep reminding yourself that you can’t go to the kitchen until the next snack or meal scheduled.

Plan Your Meal Times

Just as you are scheduling and planning the rest of your day, establish a plan as well when throughout the day, you will eat. If you know that you prefer eating lunch around the afternoon, then put it down on paper. This is going to create a habit that your body will eventually get used too.

Meal Prep Your Lunch

There is something freeing in whipping whatever you like to get for lunch. But for some, freedom is too much, particularly with regards to lunches. If you have time, try preparing your lunch in advance. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just enough to keep you going for the day.