Do you spend the whole evening in the kitchen putting the perfect dish on the table? Or do you also think eating an evening outside is good? Then we have a tip for you! Go to watch movies about food here –! This is because the tastiest culinary dishes pass by and the chef in you is sure to get wild. You can cook in the kitchen yourself in no time at all! That is why we have listed five films about food in which the water runs in your mouth while watching.

1. The Hundred-Foot Journey

The first film in our list of films about food is The Hundred-Foot Journey. It is about the Kadam family who decides to move from India to a picturesque village in southern France. They want to open a nice Indian restaurant there. Only this does not go entirely as planned. The owner of a French restaurant nearby, Madame Mallory, has no desire for competition and protests fiercely against the opening. Hassan Kadam discovers that he has a passion for French cuisine and falls in love with sous-chef Marguerite. That is why he tries to mediate between his family and Madame Mallory so that the two different cultures can come closer together.

2. No Reservations

No Reservations is really a movie that makes you hungry, because the most delicious dishes are covered in this movie! Kate is crazy about work and doesn’t do anything else. She is a chef by profession and can put the tastiest dishes on the table. But unfortunately she doesn’t know much about other things. For example, she is unable to give herself an attitude with the sous-chef who comes to work in her restaurant in Manhattan or how to take care of her niece, who comes to live with her because she no longer has any parents.

3. Ratatouille

Remy is a little rat who has been dreaming of becoming a great chef all his life. After a violent event, Remy happens to end up at the famous restaurant of Auguste Gusteaus. The young Linguini has only just managed to score a job in the kitchen despite his lack of talent for cooking. Fortunately he meets Remy and together they try to make Gusteau’s restaruant famous again. In the animation film Ratatouille there is also plenty of good food.

4. Chef

Another film that contains a lot of food is Chef. Chef Carl Casper suddenly resigns from a large and well-known restaurant in Los Angeles. He leaves alls behind and leaves for Miami. With the help of his ex-wife, best friend and son, he completely redecorates an old food truck and starts his own restaurant. But then on wheels. During this wonderful culinary adventure, Carl rediscovers his creativity and passion for cooking, life and love.

5. Julie & Julia

The fifth film in our list of films about food is Julie & Julia. It tells the true story of writer Julie Powell. She decides to give up her boring life so that she can make all recipes from Julia Child’s cookbook in one year. Julia is Julie’s biggest example. All her experiences she keeps on a blog and in this way everyone can get acquainted with French cuisine. Julie & Julia is a delicious and tasty film about life, joy, obsession and lots of food.