Wondering what can you warm in winter? There are perfect food choices that you can add to your daily diet to keep you warm this season. Check it out.

Foods to Warm You Up


The American Heart Association researchers found in a study that half of an avocado’s fats consist of unsaturated fatty acids. These lower cholesterol levels, are good for the cardiovascular system and are essential for energy production. The delicious fruit keeps the body warm and full thanks to the high proportion of fiber. And that’s not all: Avocados provide moisture for the skin from the inside – a positive side effect, especially in the harsh winter cold!

Attention avocado lovers! Ever heard of the dangerous avocado hand?

Warm spices

No matter whether chilli, paprika or pepper: the hot spices not only refine every dish, but also have an extremely positive effect on our organism. The sharpness boosts the metabolism and thus the generation of heat. Due to the increased energy and calorie requirements in winter, chillies are ideal for warming up cold hands and feet.

Whole grain cereals and carbohydrates

Due to the large amount of fiber, products made from whole grains or, for example, potatoes and lentils, require significantly more energy for digestion than white bread and cookies. As a result, we are not only full for longer, the body heat also increases. As early as 2011, a study was published in the magazine “Nutrition”, which shows that the body’s heat build-up increases after meals rich in carbohydrates.