What you’re about to read next can be very impossible especially now that more and more individuals are becoming makeup enthusiasts or even collectors in this matter. But, what if you wake up one day, you have a date to attend, and you see no sign of makeup in your dresser or wherever, well that’s a total nightmare, isn’t it? But, maybe we can put up a solution for that, just go to your kitchen, and you’ll be able to see several solutions up there aside from NatalieRoseCosmetics.

Playing With Your Food Is Not A Bad Thing After All

First up in our list is no surprise, cocoa powder which is very much a favorite with our skincare can do a lot of tricks. This ingredient is a natural booster since it has great amount of sulfur and iron that is great for healthy blood circulation. Aside from these, you can use cocoa to proxy a lot of your makeup essentials, it can be combined with cornstarch and the right amount of warm water to form a mixture suitable for a foundation, just tap on the right amount of cocoa powder as well to get your shade and look as natural as possible. If you opt-out for the foundation, you can use this alone as a bronzer, or even the right dark shade of eyeshadow for that sultry eye look.

Coconut oil is another dupe for your lips, ladies! Aside from the fact that we love coconut oil on our makeup and skincare must-haves, this can also be a great lip gloss. It comes off as a clear shiny gloss that is perfect when topped on a pink shade of berry extract from your kitchen as well. It can also be a good solvent for vanilla sugar to be made into a highlighter, not only does it makes the vanilla sugar stick well on your face, but it can also help with the sparkle and highlight effect itself.

Your favorite pressed juice must-have has more to offer. Not only does it provide so much vitamin source for your body, but it can be a very good and even better solution for your favorite blush and lipstick. The transitional color of beet stain from pink to purple to red is a perfect way to add color to your face. The greater news is that it really does live up like a stain, so it won’t come off that easily. Be careful when using it, and always start with the smallest dab, especially for blush so you can achieve the most natural-looking one, and you can go extra on the lips to get that fierce, bold look.